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Kidsview Inc. has partnered with Summer Camps all over Louisville to provide experiences to students free of charge.  We have camps that are one week in length being sponsored for children age 3- 16.  Students and Families will be able to complete applications starting  April 9, 2018.  All applications and materials will be due by April 27, 2018.  More information to come, please download the PDF below and return it by email along with your letter of recommendation from a school teacher or administrator.   

If you have questions, you may contact our team at




If you have a boy in elementary school (k-5) you need to enroll him in the Sons of Issachar Academy. This is a free education and character building program, newly housed in The Lyles Mall building (2600 W Broadway). There is JCPS transportation from the following schools; Young, Byck, Roosevelt Perry, King and Wheatley. All are welcome from any school but you will be responsible for transportation to the program. If you have any questions please call CCDC at 776-6300 or feel free to respond via email at
We look forward to serving your young scholar!

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